Basque artist of self-taught training, he defines himself as a “painter who makes sculptures” because his work is heir, in a way, of a certain classical formation, but with an inclination to add layers of emotion to the sculptures through color.

His first contact with the brushes occurs in adolescence exploring color through oil and watercolor. However is during his stay at the engineering school in Bilbao, when the technical drawing discovers him the concept of perspective and begins to model his first sculptures.

Years later he discover another wonderful vision of the world by the hand of photography, this will help you better understand the environs through the details.

In 2010, he investigates the creative possibilities offered by digital technology and begins to develop a series of works using the digitizing tablet as a tool, achieving a high degree of satisfaction that leads him to perpetuate himself in this technique until today.

The sum of the techniques learned results in the type of sculpture he is currently doing. Works that combine concepts such as: man, part, expression, skin, color.

"A painter is a man who paints what he sells. An artist is a man who sells what he paints" - Pablo Picasso.